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A wedding is the occasion celebrating the joining and commitment of two people.

The real meaning of marriage is so much more. It is about love, feelings and emotions - this is what I am interested in capturing for you, on your special day.

I am about as down to earth a it comes and I want you to feel comfortable too, even if you feel a bit camera shy. We can be as adventurous and brave as you like, or simply expressing the day as it felt, not just as it looks. It is about being yourselves, amongst all the celebrations. It is about having fun.

So, if you place photography as one of the most important aspects of your special day, then I think you are the client I seek. After all, after all the other costs of the day including limousines, reception, ceremony, wedding dress… the one thing that stays with you throughout your lives together, are the images capturing one of the happiest days of your lives.


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