The following information is provided to help you make the most of your photography session and provide general information about what I offer.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me via the button below.


What type of photography do you do?

I have experience in the following:

  • Family portraits.
  • Lifestyle photography.
  • Weddings.
  • Corporate photography - some of my clients are: Ventura Home Group, Capilano Honey, Nexia Australia, City of Joondalup, Trandos Farms.
  • Events and special occassions.
  • Landscape (check out our range of prints).

Do you service outside of Perth metropolitan region?

Yes I do! My photo session price is generally based on a 35km radius of Joondalup, costs may be incurred outside of this. I travel far and wide, so distance is not an issue. Fees will generally be charged for travel and costs (naturally); these are not excesive, but purely to cover costs. Feel free to contact me with your requirements.

We're not sure how many images or products we may want.

Thats ok! Once we have uploaded the images to our website, you will be provided a secure access to them. It is then you can choose which and how many images, or products you wish to purchase. That's the benefit of this pricing, you only pay for what you want!

I provide a 'print release' to my clients which permits them to print the images as they need. They may also share the images with family and friends. The copyright of images will remain with Michael Eyre Photography. What this means, is that the following is not permissible without express permission of Michael Eyre Photography:

  • using the images for commercial purposes or monetary gain is not permitted.
  • Images cannot be adjusted in any way, including but not limited to colours/filters added or images being cropped.

Can we print from the images, or do we have to purchase from you?

Absolutely!, they are yours to print as many times as you like. That being said, we use professional printers using high quality inks, media (photo and art paper) and handmade products. This ensures your images are printed using the latest and best technology and will last for years to come. This contrasts in comparison to retail stores who provide a cheaper product. Cheaper products simply do not last as long and will fade or stretch much sooner, costing you more in the long run.

Why should we book you as our photographer?

Well, a good question. Experience matters! I turned professional in 2013 having been shooting digitally since 2005. It is also very important to ensure that whoever you choose to be your photographer, uses professional quality camera gear ,equipment, software and products. There is a reason why professional equipment costs more! I can rely on my gear to capture the best images every time. It is also about the customer experience and dealing with someone who values you as a client, provides exceptional customer service and whose dealings are professional in every way.

What is your 'shooting style'?

I shoot documentary/lifestyle. Documentary photography is real life photography which represents people, places and events as they are and without interference or instruction. Lifestyle photography works well with documentary style as is aims to capture people in situations or events in an artistic manner and in an everyday and less formal and candid way. I will shoot some shots which incorporate some posing, however, I gravitate to natural and real life as this produces much better results.

How can we prepare for a photoshoot?

In addition to the information below 'What should we wear?', it is always advisable to prepare for a photoshoot, and by this, we want you to be relaxed and enjoy the session. For example, in our family photoshoots, it is always advisable to ensure infants and kids are well slept and nourished. Kids, unlike adults, simply don't have the same ability to enjoy themselves and get through a session if they are tired, hungry or thirsty. A bath or shower prior will also help relax them so they can enjoy themselves. Afterall, we are want to capture you all in a natural and fun way! Of course, with kids, bring along drink, food, treats, nappies and so on - just in case, they can be lifesavers!

What should we wear?

Most important is to consider and plan carefully what to wear. What you wear to your session will be the difference between good and excellent in terms of session outcomes. In considering this, your session location and style of the photo session is important. For example, you wouldn't wear a summery dress and no shoes to a formal occassion, but you would to the beach right? Consider the colour tones of your backdrop firstly, from there plan a “colour scheme” to dress to. Now matching isn’t entirely necessary, although complimentary tones of a similar colour or colour combination work well.

We want to avoid any logos, brand labels, or graphics as these are distracting. Stick to plains or soft light coloured patterns. I recommend wearing clothes that reflect your personality and your normal style. Light neutrals are the best easy colours to style with. You can also add pops of colour if you wish, but not too much.

I'll happily provide feedback and suggestions on items you may have in mind. Depending on the type of photo session, bringing spare sets of clothes to a session where we have taken shots of you in the ocean - for example, would be a good idea, as will a dry towel!

What if we have extra people for the session?

Absolutely no problem! Our standard session fees include up to 5 people. But, you can add more people at a cost of $35 per person. This is due to the additional complexities of more people in the shoot and additional editing involved.

What happens after the photoshoot?

During the session I take as many photo's as I need to get the right shot. I don't state up front how many images we will have as this, in my view, is simply not credible to state as there are many variables involved. There is much that goes on behind the scenes! After the photoshoot I will download the images, back up and upload to catalogues. I then go through all images and narrow them down to the best.

I will conduct a first edit of the images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to a high standard to correct colouring, blotchy or flaky dry skin, bruises, the odd pimple, colour tone, and remove any other obstructions in the image. Any skin retouching, smoothing and other advanced editing will be done only on the images chosen and ordered by the client, as the processes can take some time.

Images are then uploaded to your very own private online gallery to view the best images in their full glory. It’s at this stage you are free to narrow the selection to your own personal favourites, and, if you request, advise of any changes such as converting an image into black and white. At this stage you also place an order for prints and/or digital (JPEG) images. All of my clients would have received a copy of my full price list and package list by this point so may well have an idea already in regards to want they may want to purchase, if not, then I’m here to serve as a guide to helping you choose what best meets your requirements.

I do not believe in pushy sales tactics at all, rather, I provide a consultative and helpful service to assist you select - if you need.

What are your payment terms?

  • Family/Lifestyle photoshoots**: You purchase the photoshoot (sitting fee) to confirm a booking date and time. It is advisable to do so earlier than later so as to not be dissapointed.
  • Weddings, corporate shoots and events: This may be full payment, or a 50% deposit (non-refundable) to confirm the booking. If a deposit is paid, then payment of the balance is required a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the day of the wedding.
  • Landscape print purchases: payment at time of selection.

**You have the option to buy any package or product at the time of booking, but I feel it’s better to view the images before you buy them, so most clients do this after viewing the images via their private online gallery.

Payment in full for any digital package or product (prints, canavases etc) is requested at the time of viewing the images online. I currently only accept cash or payments via bank transfer. All deposits are non-refundable.

What is the turnaround time for images to be ready?

The photo session is only a part of the process. Depending upon the type of photography conducted, the timeframes do vary. For example, turnaround time for a standard family photoshoot (1-1.5 hours photo session time) would be approximately 2 weeks. More complex and/or longer sessions, for example weddings, are approximately 4-6 weeks delivery.

This is provided as a guide, images may be ready earlier.

How are our images delivered?

All images are provided in high resolution JPEG format for print and lower resolution JPEG format for social media. Images are uploaded to our website private portal for you to select your photos. You are provided a secure access code to access the images. Chosen images are then edited and made available for you to download at your convenience - simple.

As an added bonus, we also provide you a Michael Eyre Photography app, completely free!, for you to view your beautiful images via your Android or Apple phone or device and share with friends and family!

Do you provide prints, canvas and other products?

Yes! absolutely.

We have a wide variety of print media to choose from, everything from high definition photo paper to archival quality paper - from Germany and USA. We can frame your prints in an extensive range of mats and frames to suit any image. Perhaps looking for a coffee table book or brag book?, we can help. If you prefer something different, we can print beautiful images onto acrylic, metal and even acrylic desktop (ice) blocks! Contact me for more information or enquire when you have your session with us, I would only be too happy to help.