Launch of my new website!
New website.jpg

Phew!...well, I am finally happy to say after many many hours of hard work and determination that my website is now officially live.

Never to be understated how much work is involved in creating your own website, it is a HUGE task! That said, I thoroughly enjoy the planning, design and creativity involved.

Creating your own website means that, rather than you having to request changes to your website, waiting for the changes and someone else having control over it; you are the web editor and web designer. You want to change something?... cool, done!

A website should never be left once launched, they should constantly evolve with new content, photos, blog posts and design changes.

I hope you like the website, please feel free to check it out and provide me feedback on anything you feel can be improved, something you would like to see and of course, anything that is incorrect.

I value your feedback so please feel free to contact me!

- Mike