This is the part where I am supposed to tell you about me and how good I am - right?… well, rather than do the cliche’, I prefer to just be real.

Born in Derbyshire, UK, I have spent most of my life in Australia - and love it! I am married to my poor wife (who puts up with me) and my two beautiful children, who really are the ones to inspire me to begin photography before becoming more serious with it in 2013, and my business began.

I photograph because I love imagery and people, nothing quite captures a person, a place or an event quite the same. Photo’s capture an instant in time for eternity.

My style is documentary style and lifestyle where capturing the moments where a person’s real personality comes through - this is real, raw and natural and cannot be ‘created’. Capturing people as their true selves - after all, isn’t that the intent? Sure, I help things along, get to know my clients, joke and have fun!

In addition to photography of people, I have a collection of bespoke landscape images, so if you are interested in these, head on over to my shop.